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Stuart personally designed and made all his work, but with commissions the process was bespoke to the clients’ requirements, whether it’s the size of the space or matching the colour of the carpet.

“I found working on commissions incredibly rewarding. It was a fresh challenge that often took me out of my comfort zone. Whether it was an adaptation of an existing design, like a larger version of a vase, or a wall art installation for a hotel. I loved seeing the clients’ reaction to the final piece: From the seed of their initial idea, into a unique work of art through my inspiration, design and making skills. I no longer have my own hot working studio – but could be tempted out of retirement for the right project so please still get in touch”

Stuart worked on a wide variety of projects from large installations to individual bowls, for large projects he still takes commissions from private, public and corporate clients.

Free-blown or cast, mounted or free standing, with etched lettering

  • Award-1
  • Award 2
  • Award-2a
  • Award-2b
  • Award-3

Interior design for businesses and institutions.

  • Corporate-Mary-Potter-Clock-1a
  • Corporate-Mary-Potter-Clock-1
  • Corporate-Hotel-1b
  • Corporate-Hotel-1a
  • Corporate-Hotel-1

Working with other makers, designers and architects as part of larger projects.

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  • Collaboration-1b
  • Collaboration-1a
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Interior and exterior design for the home, from individual pieces to large installations.

  • Private-Kitchen-1b
  • Private-kitchen-1a
  • Private-Kitchen-1
  • Private-Hallway-1a
  • Private-Hallway-1
  • Private-Exterior-1a
  • Private-Exterior-1
  • Private---Bohemia-bowl-1
  • Private-bathroom-1a
  • Private-bathroom-1

Local Authority and Arts Council installations and events.

  • Public - Light Night Nottingham City Council
  • Public - Broxtowe youth