Stuart Akroyd Contemporary Glass

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About Us

Stuart has been making glass for over 25 years. His glassmaking career began in the North East and in 1991 he set up Stuart Akroyd Glass Designs where his creativity flourished. In 1999 Neues Glas Review selected one of Stuart's one-off forms in their 100 best pieces of glass made in the world that year.

Stuart moved to Nottingham in 2000 and expanded his studio to give his professional development a new direction. His adaptation of traditional Venetian techniques expanded the physical possibilities of how the glass could be worked and led to a whole new range of designs.

Stuart has always found inspiration from nature; his use of vibrant colours and rhythmic patterns echo the flora and fauna of the ocean. His most recent design projects are wall mounted sculptures reflecting the appearance of deep sea creatures.

Stuart is recognised nationally and internationally as an accomplished designer/maker, sought after for commissions and collections; both public and private.

New Designs

Encoill and Encoill Glo are solid glass hoops made using the Swedish overlay technique. The hoops are mounted in steel stands (Encoill) and bronze stands with integral LEDs Encoill Glo.

Intentions are made using Venetian, Swedish and English techniques with Stuart's personal adaptations. Mounted on a steel stand the central jewel like core is cut open to expose this multitude of technical detail. 

Stuart creates forms in vibrant colours and organic shapes. Instantly identifiable his work possesses a sense of movement and grace within the solid form. His designs begin with an idea inspired by the world around him, after sketching the designs he progresses them by experimenting with the material and making a 3D form. These initial glass prototypes are then further refined to produce the final piece.

Made to commission both public and private.